Duo & Solo

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For it will never return (2016) 
for tenor & harp

Tactility (2012)
installation soundscape for percussion & harp
Not for concert settings

Hvolf (2009) 
for soprano & piano 

[one] (2008) 
for percussionist, pianist & grand piano



Sola (2019)
for solo viola and electronics

Reminiscence (2017)
for piano
Available for performance after December 2019

Impressions (2015)
for prepared harpsichord, performed on the inside of the instrument

Transitions (2014)
for cello

Trajectories (2013)
for piano & fixed electronics.
The work includes video projection constructed by visual artist Sigurður Guðjónsson.
The music can be performed with or without visuals
For consideration of performance with the video projection, please contact for information
Here is the Tech Rider for the work
See here for more information about the work

Scape (2011) 
for piano

hidden (2009)
for percussionist & grand piano 

Þann heilaga kross (2009) 
for organ - prelude

Fingerprints (2003) 
for harpsichord



Other works (and older works) not available for performance