For orchestra
Duration of the concert version is approximately 41 minutes.
Duration of the work with choreography is approximately 55 minutes.

Written for The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, co-commissioned by The Iceland Symphony Orchestra. 

AION will be premiered at the POINT Festival with the Gothenburg Symphony, conducted by Anna-Maria Helsing, on May 24th 2019 with choreography by Erna Ómarsdóttir with the Iceland Dance Company. See here for the event page.

AION with choreography:

In the version with choreography the music of AION is approximately 45 minutes in duration and the event is approximately 50 minutes in duration. It is asked that preferably the orchestra is on stage when the audience enters the hall and that the performance starts with all or some of the repeating textures from Elision I while the audience enters. So the audience enters a space that has already started the event.  

AION as music only, a version for a concert setting:

There is a specific score and parts for performing AION as ‘music only’. When the work is performed in its entirety without choreography, the work is 41 minutes in duration.

Individual movements of AION

The three main movements of AION – Morphosis, Transcension and Entropia – can be performed individually in a concert. There are specific scores and parts for each movement when a it is to be performed on its own. Morphosis is approximately 13 minutes in duration, Transcension is approximately 17 minutes in duration and Entropia is approximately 11 minutes in duration. The movements will be available for performance individually after 2020.

Program notes:

The piece is in three movements and is approximately 41 minutes in duration in the concert version, and approximately 55 minutes in duration with choreography.