Selected performances 2013

December 2013
December 5th, Either/Or Ensemble gave a portrait concert of a selection of Anna’s pieces at the Miller Theatre in NYC. See here for more information about the concert. 

November 2013
November 8th, [one], for pianist and percussionist on grand piano, was performed by Piero Guimaraes and Julia Den Boer at The Firehouse Space in Brooklyn. See here for more information about the concert. 

October 2013
October 16th, Foot in the Door Ensemble performed Hrím at the Hart School in Connecticut.

June 2013
June 10th, Duo Harpverk performed Tactility at the Reykjavik Art Museum. 

May 2013
The CAPUT Ensemble premiered  on their concert tour in China that took place from May 17th until the 29th.

May 28th, percussionist Piero Guimaraes and pianist Julia Den Boer performed [one] at the Saint Peter's Church in NYC.

May 30th, Richard Carrick performed Scape at the Either/Or Spring Festival of New Music at The Kitchen in NYC. 

April 2013
April 18th, into - Second Self was premiered by members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at the Tectonics festival in Reykjavik, conducted by Ilan Volkov. 

April 5th, Kolbeinn Bjarnason performed Ethereality at Darmstadt. 

March 2013
March 11th – 15th, ICElab Workshop. Anna was working with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) in New York as a part of the ICElab collaboration. A public showing of Anna's work-in-progress was presented at the ICEhaus on March 15th. For more information see here.

March 5th, Tactility was premiered by Duo Harpverk in Washington as part of the Nordic Cool 2013 festival.

March 4th, the US premiere of  Aeriality took place

at the Kennedy Center, in Washington DC, performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at the Nordic Cool 2013 festival. See here for more information about the festival and the concert program.

February 2013
February 26th, The Iceland Symphony Orchestra performed AERIALITY at the Concert- and Conference Center Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland. See here for the entire program.

February 2nd, Nordic Affect premiered Shades of Silence at the Dark Music Days festival in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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