Nordic Council Prizes in Helsinki

I had a wonderful time in Helsinki - the ceremony was really nice and festive. And I really enjoyed giving the Sibelius Academy talk at the TING festival.

The below photo is courtesy of photographer Magnus Fröderberg/ There are some more related photos here.

And here are a few words I said at the ceremony:

"I am deeply grateful for and honored by this award. It has a very precious and manifold meaning for me as a composer, as well as personally. But I also believe it may have significance beyond myself. As we know, the numbers of men and women in composition are still quite uneven, and maybe this award might contribute in some way to the visibility of women in composition – I am incredibly honored to be the third female composer to receive this award.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the performers of my music, for without them the music would be without sound.

I would also like to thank my beautiful family and friends for their support, and in particular my husband Hrafn whose precious presence in my life is invaluable.

Thank you again to the adjudicating committee, to my co-nominees and colleagues, and to the Nordic Council."

Europe tour

Currently heading on a Europe tour to attend ISCM World Music Days in Belgium where Musiques Nouvelles will perform Hrím on October 29th at Le Manege in Mons. Looking forward to seeing a lot of concerts there.

Then heading to Helsinki for the Nordic Council Music Price award ceremony at the end of October.

I'll also be giving a couple of talks, one at the Royal Conservatory in Mons and another at the Helsinki Music Center.

Too bad to have to miss BIT20 performing Ligeti, Unsuk Chin and Hrím in Bergen on November 17th, but I'll be there in spirit :)

IV, from Orchestronics

A 10 min. track - IV - from my “mr. Hyde-ish” electronic audio & video side-project Orchestronics  is now online. The total duration of the piece is 45 minutes.

Good headphones/speakers recommended :)

Orchestronics was premiered at the Reykjavik Arts Festival in May 2012.

Anna receives the Nordic Council Music Prize 2012


Anna is honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Nordic Council Music Prize 2012 for her work Dreaming, for orchestra.

The Nordic Council Music Prize Adjudicating Committee says:

"Dreaming opens the sphere of the symphony orchestra in an unusual and innovative way. … With Dreaming Anna Thorvaldsdóttir has written herself into a contemporary Nordic orchestra tradition which derives its timbres both from electronic music and from the sounds of nature inherent in Nordic folk music. The tones are carefully depicted - almost like small pieces of embroidery. But the work is perhaps particularly unique by the way it achieves to build and unfold a large form within a sound world that apparently stands still."