Icelandic Music Awards


Happy news! Anna was awarded in two categories at the Icelandic Music Awards on February 29th 2012, as Composer of the Year, and Classical/Contemporary Album of the Year, for Rhízōma.

Here is the full list of awards - but it is only in Icelandic though.

Rhízōma listed as one of The best classical albums of 2011


I am very honored that Rhízōma was featured on a few lists for The best classical albums of 2011, among them on Steve Smith’s list in TimeOut New York: “Nothing is more exciting than discovering an emerging composer already in possession of a distinct, powerful voice” - Steve Smith, TimeOut New York. See here for his full list.

...and on Doyle Armbrust's list for 2011 at TimeOut Chicago: “Traverses the planes of the terrifying and the intimate.” See here for his full list.